My First Vegan trip to Everest base camp 2018

Veganism is not a privilege but a dietary choice one makes . ‘ where do you get your protein from ?’ has been the foremost and quintessential query posed by anyone whom I come across once they know I am vegan so my answer to them is very simple , Eat whole food plant based / Pulses, Grains , Legumes , nuts , fruits , Vegetables so the importantly Fibres which regulates the GUT health .

So whenever i got into any discussion with my Non Vegan friends , heated debates surfaced with lots of provocative statements on inheritance from ancestors such a consuming dairy products which helped everyone with better bone health and longevity. In India 30–40% population are Vegetarians specifically Lacto-Vegetarians consuming a lot of dairy. India is one of the largest producers of dairy in the world . My answer is to challenge conventional wisdom.

I know there was something wrong with my diet prior to turning Vegan. Being a Meat and dairy consumer I use to workout regularly but my recovery was poor , reflexes were slow , most of times sick with common cold and flu and Gastrointestinal system went for a toss with increasing bowel activity . Then I found my calling in the mountains with much love with Trekking and climbing and then I decided to trek to Everest base camp in 2017 and when it started I had huge challenges with Eggs , Dairy and Meat on the trail just not adjusting with my body . I was lethargic, cold , sick , Frustrated with my speed and bloating all over eager to move to the bathroom every next stop . What went wrong? Finally with struggle I could arrive at the Everest base camp in 2017 . Immediately I knew my diet was just not working.

Once back in Mumbai I met a passionate vegan and mountaineer Kuntal Joisher who had summited Mt Everest with cruelty free gears and complete Vegan diet . I immediately connected with him and started dwelling into more science based facts about Veganism.

With Meat , Eggs and dairy , There was much more inflammation in the body with mediators such C reactive protein , IGF-1 , Tumor necrosis factor TNF alpha , Cortisol which is also known as a stress harmone thus increased Insulin resistance causing diabetes, Cardiovascular diseases, Cancer and many lifestyle disorders .

I turned Vegan February 2018 and never looked back since then and therefore completed my First ever Vegan trip to Everest base camp , Chola pass and Gokyo lakes in Nepal style with no problems .

Vegans miss out on protein, calcium, iodine, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D, and omega 3 fatty acids but could be supplemented with external sources such Vegan tablets or shots . The best source for Vitamin D is getting out in open.

Since 2018 I could complete 100 km Ultra trail , Half marathon, Climbed back to back two 6000 meter mountains in Ladakh and many more high altitude treks in India and Nepal .

Future is Vegan.




Fitness enthusiast, Blogger, Aspiring life coach, Adventure seeker

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Yogesh Singh

Yogesh Singh

Fitness enthusiast, Blogger, Aspiring life coach, Adventure seeker

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